Retain the Splendour : Care Guide for Maheshwari Sarees

Conceived in the town of Maheshwar and named after the same, Maheshwari sarees were initially made of pure silk, and cotton was used later with the passage of time. Maheshwari silk zari sarees, on the other hand, stand to be unique specimens of grandeur and eloquence.

Being available in both silk and cotton, it becomes a multi-purpose piece of clothing befitting both casual and formal events, making the wearer look effortlessly graceful regardless of the occasion. Its lightweight feel makes it convenient to carry without taking away the charm of it and is preferred year-round.

While these sarees enhance your elegance, here is what you can do to retain the evergreen quality of your Maheshwari sarees:

Care for Cotton Maheshwari Sarees

All varieties of the Maheshwari saree should be dry cleaned for the first few times.

Subsequently, the cotton Maheshwari saree should be hand washed with cold water and a mild detergent.

Instead of wringing out the saree, gently squeezing the water out does the trick. This process should be repeated with cold water, again delicately squeezing out the excess.

Greasy stains can be removed by rinsing the spot with a little lime juice in cold water.

While drying the saree, it should be folded in half and put over the clothesline, and direct sunlight should be avoided.

Saree must be ironed on its reverse side. The best time to iron it is when it is still damp, with the heat set on medium to high.


Care for Silk Maheshwari Sarees

After the usual first few dry-cleaning sessions, it is advisable to avoid detergent while handwashing it for the first time. Mild Detergent should come in only after two to three plain water washes, and the silk saree should not be soaked in detergent. It must be dried under indirect sunlight, and not bundled up and kept wet for a long time.

While ironing, the saree should not be damp, but instead, completely dry. Using two pieces of cloth over the saree during the process will ensure that the saree is protected. Low heat levels on the iron are a must.

The best way to store a silk saree wrinkle and crease-free is to hang it on a hanger.


Care for Zari Silk Sarees

Zari work on sarees grabs eyeballs easily, and require a little extra care in order to retain the luster of the zari.

Each zari silk saree should be washed separately in mild soapy water and dried in shade immediately.

Drying them under the sun once a week can help sustain the saree for long and ensure its protection. The must not be wrapped up immediately after use, instead, they should be sweat dried on the clothesline or the hanger.

Do not use perfume or hot iron directly over metallic parts. You may use a layer of mulmul underneath the ironing.

Extra care must be taken while wearing heavy jewelry along with the saree to avoid the zari getting caught up and snatched away in the jewelry.

Air your saris once in a couple of months to avoid them catching odor or mildew.

Summing up, it is advisable that all varieties of Maheshwari sarees be initially dry cleaned and only be gently hand washed subsequently. Careful ironing and storage will increase the life of your Maheshwari saree.


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