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“A Craft Story”



Maheshwari Craft

Folklores and mythical narratives of Maheshwar reflect our original roots.
These stories have slowly and steadily become the real foundation of our
cultural emotion. Tales from the far corners of this land transform into
Ecoloom’s magical six yards.
Born along the banks of the river Narmada, the origin of the Maheshwari
weave can be traced back to early 18th century. During the reign of Devi
Ahilya Bai Holkar, the quaint town of Maheshwar in Madhya Pradesh
underwent important changes. She re-introduced the weaving practices by
inviting weavers from all over the nation. The queen was instrumental in
infusing life and love into the handlooms of Maheshwar. From then on,
generations and generations of weavers have recreated and reinvented the
ancient practice over and over again.
Striking design patterns that we still use in Maheshwari textiles can be
found on the old walls of the fort and temple surrounding the town. 
Let us invite you to be part of our journey where we infuse the cherished
craft traditions and bring forth the artistic expressions of this land.



Sunanda Agarwal 


I have studied Textile design at NID and faced a basic question of
what will be the future of Indian Crafts and its Existence.

Weaving by hand is slow and we choose to bring handloom its perspective back with Brand ECOLOOM

In the fast-paced life, we choose to cherish slow hand weaving and embrace
its process calmly making these sarees like symphonies on a loom.
Our sarees are in purest of materials, gold-silver gilded threads, the lightweight
handwoven timeless Maheshwaris that are inspired from heritage textiles.

Founded in 2015, Ecoloom transcends the boundaries of a Heritage brand,
we design and curate timeless collections that we hope, in turn, will forge a
path towards a more sustainable industry.

“There is only room to build the things that endure for generations”

ECOLOOM is a Luxury Line of Maheshwari textiles with main focus on
crafting beautiful sarees and collaborating with the Masters of the craft.

Ecoloom’s philanthropic textile weaving line offers beautifully hand-crafted
Six yards to live, love and possess. We weave fabrics that evokes an
avant-garde luxury with an elegant edge of simplicity.
Drawing from these inspirations, we create every piece that is flawless and

“We believe in an inherent beauty and intend to develop beautiful six yards
with a grandeur of its craft and heritage accessible to the world”

We at Ecoloom, are currently training old and new weavers, teaching new
techniques and exploring possibilities of development in hand weaving,
working alongside with Master Craftsmen and various weaving centers.

In a way similar, to a concept that was thought years back by Devi Ahilya Bai
Holkar, which brought weaver communities together and paved its path to
current times.

“Collections are sustainable yet timeless classics, inspired by heritage textile”